What are Medium Chain Triglycerides?

Sometimes ingredient names can be scary, and as a parent, I get that. It's why I heavily research everything that goes into my products. So what exactly are triglycerides, and what does the chain size matter? More importantly, are they safe?


Yes. They are safe.

Triglycerides are just the fancy name for fat. That's right, the fat that's cooked off your burger, or that is skimmed off your milk before purchase. Medium chain triglycerides usually come from coconut oil or palm oils using a process known as fractionation (ever heard of fractionated coconut oil?). In recent years medium chain triglycerides have been popularized in the supplement and food industry because of it's ease in digestion; going straight to the liver where it may be processed immediately into energy. This reduces the chance of being stored as fat in the body as opposed to the longer chain variety of triglycerides.


How does that apply to lotions and oils? Well the shorter chain length allows the oils to absorb into the skin better, which can help reduce the greasy feeling most oils can leave behind. So, I chose to incorporate it into products where I'd like to eliminate a heavy or oily feeling like our light massage oil.


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