One of the biggest interests I had starting this business was aromatherapy. Does it work, and what science supports this claim? The truth is there is very little research done on the topic compared to other branches of science. In fact there is comparatively limited science done revolving around odor. There is aromachology, aromatherapy, otolaryngologists, and discreet scientist working on olfaction but the one remarkable truth I found through it all is there is no theory yet that explains olfactory perception completely. We still don't even truly understand how humans smell.


So does aromatherapy work or not? Well it's hard to tell. Science has trouble getting funding to undertake such clinical tests. Additionally, it's difficult to perform accurate tests. Even more frustrating is that the perception of smell can change drastically from person to person. This leads much information circulating on essential oils being anecdotal.


Yet, there is some light to be shed. Essential oils contain hundreds of different components that make up their concentrated form. Some of these, like Myrcene, are debated as carcinogenic. Some of these, like Linool and Eucalyptol, are studied for potential therapeutic effects. While essential oils themselves are difficult to study, there is increasing evidence mounting on specific isolates as well. Consider that a soft drink contains water, and water in it's own right is not specifically dangerous to your health, but does not necessarily negate the high sugar content. Conversely a small amount of sugar may not be detrimental to your health either.


The truth is there's a lot more for science to discover, and the jury is still out but I offer these suggestions:
If it works for you, then keep on doing what makes you happy.
If you haven't yet tried it, then give it a shot, what's there to lose?
If it doesn't work for you, then at least you can enjoy the smells.

I personally have my own experiences but largely am fascinated with scent, and surrounding myself with beautiful smelling things. I never realized how my mood might suffer when my house smells musty. I also can't help but feel elated when surrounded by a warm vanilla candle. It's crazy to think that something so small can affect something so big, but that's all just me. You'll have to try it out yourself and see what smells affect you!



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