What Made Me Get Into Perfumery

Believe it or not this store came as a dream to find affordable fine fragrances. As you can see we have drifted a long way from our origin story.


It starts humbly enough with my family tradition of starting a new hobby or interest (I say family, but really I'm the only one who does this in my family). I simply select a new hobby to get into every year for my birthday. Everything from knitting, to drone flying; kayaking to model trains. Sometimes it's things like wine tasting, or cheese making but 2017 brought me to niche fragrances.


My quest directed me to a handful of beautiful smelling perfections but the best ones were amazing. So amazing I had to have them, but there was a problem; many of them costs upwards of $400. Easily outside of my budget, I saved for a year as I trialed more scents but ultimately couldn't bring myself to invest in a product I would use so sparingly.


After a few months debate and a little reasearch I discovered that making a cologne is actually fairly straightforward; a few chemicals to give you some scent,  and anywhere from 70% to 95% alcohol. Pfft I could do that. With my 2018 hobby set, I was ready to make a fine fragrance for myself.


Well I was wrong, it is easy in theory but finding the specific ratios to make something smell good is actually quite difficult, like any other profession it is not easy and there are no shortcuts. I was forced to learn a lot about perfuming, and chemistry in general. I'll spare the details but with a LOT of extra help I was able to make my first official "good" smell. It was coconut and amazing. I had people constantly asking what it was or how I got it. How they could get it. I received so many compliments on it and couldn't get enough I was so proud.

Fast forward another few years and eventually my focus shifted not to fine fragrances but fragrance in general. The study of the olfactory senses, why we smell, and how. What makes things smell good? How can we replicate them? Can I cross say the scent of orange and the scent of cinnamon? Would it be good? As I sought to answer many questions one thing became apparent; I love making things that smell good.


So, with a little fortitude, a lot of research, and plenty of internet I decided to open my own shop. My hobby left my house littered with scents, chemicals, soaps, oils, lotions and many other things that my family simply couldn't use all of and with enough urging to declutter I decided to start selling things.


I want to make stuff for you, stuff that smells good. That is my promise and I'll keep going until people stop wanted great smelling scents.