About Me

Noble Scent is run exclusively by myself, and my family. I do virtually all the tasks from sourcing, manufacturing, warehousing, research, shipping, processing and advertising. Many of these are jobs completely of their own right, and while I've become smarter about these subjects, I still have much to learn.

I'm a father, to four amazing children, the newest barely seven months old as of the time of this writing. I'm also not particularly the greatest father, or spouse, but just like anything else I've set my mind to, I'm dedicated to gradually getting better.

I'm also a Sailor, and have been since 2008. This has also been a hardship, but I've forged my own path through the Navy, and still continue on my way to retirement.

I'm a hobbyist, tinkerer, creator, inventor, and adventurer. If I can get my hands on it, dissect it, analyze it, break it, repair it, or create it; I will. I enjoy making things people find useful, valuable, or desired. I love to create. From software and video games, to carpentry (albeit poor carpentry) and chemistry. If you ask my mother she'll tell you countless stories of me dissecting electronics in my youth. I've always wanted a deeper understanding of the way things work.

If you can't find me with my kids, with my fragrances, with my Sailors, or playing a video game of some sort, you can find me "mad scientist-ing" some poor electronic.