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Draft of 3rd ZCOOP Article.

Keeping up with Woman’s happiness. What husbands can do.

There can never be enough of celebratory days that remind us of special events and individuals. Like birthdays, father’s days, children’s day, world hijab day etc. So what’s new and trendy on March? Woman’s day, of course! Men, if you have no idea what gifts to get for your women, try considering what treatment you could do for your women on this special day.

  1. Say kind words
  2. Help lift her burdens
  3. Surprise her with little gestures

Men, how many of you experience your woman staring at their almost-exploding-wardrobe-full-of-clothes each morning, profusely thinking what to wear like they’re making ground breaking decision and end up saying she has nothing to wear? Don’t sweat. Don’t fret. You are not alone. Once, when I was at my sanest state, free from mental derangement, I expressed my concern to my husband over this obsession for beautiful dresses, pretty scarves and latest design blouses, fully aware that I was falling victim to my own wardrobe. He just said gently “It’s just a phase. I know for women your age, it’s a norm that you ladies get into this hype of wanting to try this and that for looks and beauty. Just know that you are beautiful to me and you’ve done your part of impressing someone.” Aaaw. That kind of pep talk goes along way. You see, I wouldn’t have blogged about it hadn’t it impacted me so much 😉 The point is, take note! Something so mundane to men could mean absolutely crucial to women. Don’t criticize. Say kinds words, and help her choose what outfit to wear for the day. The reason she prides over her clothes sometimes is not always because how stunning it looks on her but because her man chooses it for her, thanks to your praises and compliments.

Coming back home from work, all drained out and exhausted, not all women have the luxury to give a thought about lying down on bed and take a quick 5 minutes break. My 1 year old baby was suckling while falling asleep but she didn’t seem wanting to let go. That meant I had to delay cooking dinner for the family. Envious of my husband, I sighed “I wish you also had a milking system going on on your body. That way our baby could be attached to you for a change and then I can cook for you.” Minutes pass by then it turned into half an hour. Before I knew it, I already fell fast asleep and woke up to the call of my dear husband, “Wake up sayang, I cooked dinner for you.” How surprised and touched I was. My day could go on forever if I wanted to do everything by myself for the family. He just lifted off a weight of burden that I unintentionally carried to sleep with, even though it was just all in my mind. Therefore, the best thing for men to do is to help her by lifting off some of the responsibilities and burden. Happiness to women can simply mean seeing the house tidied up, dishes cleared away, clothes folded and put away.

As men carry the role of a provider, then love you provide! If you want to steal her heart, then resort to gifts that how would help simplify her life. Most of the time it doesn’t have to be expensive or cost money at all. Yes, an espresso machine would be nice to help her unwind at the start of the day (the frenziest time of the day is usually in the morning) but what would melt (and cost effective) her just as much is the gesture that you make a hot drink for her once in a while when she least expect it. Other examples would be to take her out for a late night date to the nearest mamak, read her romantic poems by the balcony, sing her a song that was played on your wedding day or go for a long walk while holding hands. So good surprises are always nice and welcomed. It gives us all the warm and fuzzy feeling called love and appreciation 🙂

I came to realize that he is genuine about everyday is a Woman’s day after all because to him, he is at my service whenever and wherever I need him. If that’s not the best gift a husband could give his wife, I don’t know what is. After all, as John Gray said it “Men are motivated when they feel needed, women feel motivated when they feel cherished”.

A shout out gently with love to my dear husband 🙂

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