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I had a great time meeting committed bloggers today with various interesting backgrounds, maashallah ūüôā There are plenty of blogger’s communities out there, but hats off for this one. I will fill you in, why.

Founded, organized and spearheaded by one person, this group of KBBA (Kelab Bloggers Ben Ashaari) has designed itself to be a happy place for many aspiring bloggers. The man who started off as a blogger and became an influencer pursued beyond the unexpected when he decided to gather bloggers all over Malaysia to utilise their weapon of mass creation;  ideas, words & blogs, in order to help companies grow their businesses.

Noble indeed.

From a one man show to a union of think alikes come together to share their common trait of openness through passion for writing. I got to meet five of them including The Mastermind. A quick run though of their background:

Nina Mirza (Mirza means Anak Baik)
1. Former banker with 10 years experience in the industry. 5 children. A very supportive husband who self volunteered to be a vidoegrapher & editor for the full time blogging wife. Has a quite nosey neighbour who intends well in keeping up with her work.

YB Shehan
2. Former lawyer with editorial & publishing background. Works from home as a social media exec. for a company. Left the industry to take care of her special child, in need of her full attention after being rejected by three nurseries. Full time blogger.

Mama Kembar Tiga
3. An iron lady¬† who produced and managed a set of triplet twinsies while working full time. Enough said. Our mind should run far and wild now. Oh and received revelation to start blogging after having so much admiration and inspiration through reading the founder’s blog.

4.¬†Avid user of Cosmoderm products, especially the Magic Body Lotion and BB Cream. Kak Long of the group who used to be “liar” when first joined the group. Expressive in action and words. Wouldn’t give ‘thinking’ the time of day, except after expressing everything. So, react first, think second including when dealing with allergies. But slightly tamed now. That’s good. A very loving mother who passed on her love for Cosmoderm products to her munchkins at early age. Fair & Lovely was her fond coming of age memory. Full time blogger also.

Last but now least,
Ben Ashaari
5. The great man himself. Has a beautiful wife with three small kids. The one who always¬†shares¬†with these bloggers “jobs” and offerings unconditionally. Strategic thinking done by him and a small group of team in making sure they stay relevant and help is always on its way for businesses, big or small. Seemingly introvert but for sure an extrovert in his own domain. Travels the world with his blogging fellows, I don’t think he’s ever going to look back and regret not returning to a day job. Definitely a full time blogger.

We chit chatted through rolls and packets of yummy dim sums. After breaking the ice, everyone got comfortable in their own skin and laughed away the whole time while sharing their experiences being a part of KBBA bloggers. All of them get a chance to travel abroad in return of their writing. Sponsorships are what they live on. One take away that kept echoing on my mind; when asked how do you make the time to write while taking care of the home and kids full time, YB Shehan in no wonder or¬†hesitation implied “Bila suka menulis, memang kita ada masa untuk menulis.(…) bila anak tengah tido ke, main ke atau ada dengan kita kat sebelah, sebenarnya masih boleh menulis.” Sgt tabik spring.

That is one main and crucial wisdom that I learned from them today. Nesting 80 more bloggers in KBBA, a good number of them are a full time worker/having two or more jobs at a time. They are a busy happy bunch, who’s just trying to squeeze a bit of adventure in their daily life routine. Don’t get drowned by commitment, while we still have so much more to offer to this world. Learned to swim with them towards a destination because our time is short. Exhaust ourselves doing something because staying afloat is just as good as wasting our precious time and ourselves.

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