Right and Sad or Right and Happy?


Salam. Hai dunya dan seisinya.

I was inspired by Yamin’s reminder as a food for thought. One could be patient by speaking out with rational and empathy about their thoughts and feelings without lashing out. This is because being stressed out doesn’t mean we have the right to be angry at other people.

One could be patient by sharing a problem about another person without back biting nor exaggerating. This is because in that action he/she intends to find a solution.

One could be patient by staying silent from the fear of the saying the wrong things. This is because through forgiving and forgetting, they hope they don’t make the situation worse.

All in all, when we are presented with a sticky situation, seek to reconcile and be purified from the gift of tests. It’s about controlling ourselves to remain in control when all hell breaks lose. It’s about searching the wisdom in ourselves to act wisely. It is not about becoming a person who is more expressive through their words and actions. Eventually it will only result in more anger and resentment. It’s not about winning the situation. Would we rather be right and sad or right and happy? So seek right in the eyes of Allah not the wronged person, and we shall be happy. Lastly, it’s not about who started it, it’s about who ended it well.

Love always wins.

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