Current ladyboss VS former


My current ladyboss (CL) VS former one (FL) are eerily similar, but completely the opposite. I get goosebumps.


1. CL is in the marketing business of halal and plant based personal care products, cosmeceutical. FL is in the manufacturing business of halal and plant based health supplements, going into pharmaceutical according to plan.

2. CL is making us all move to a bigger place by end of this year/early next year in Klang. FL and crews are supposedly move to a bigger place end of this year/next year too but in PJ.

3. Both are ladybosses. CL was married, has kids (almost all of which are working for her) and grandchildren. FL is still single which makes such a huge difference in leadership and personality too, judging by the stereotype and unfortunately first hand experience. Both prefers their suffix to be Misses.

4. The most recent fact I found out is that, CL is obsessed about Coke, omg I’m telling you, FL too. FL’s favourites are chocolate (which she considers as salad – because it’s plant based) and coke.

5. Both companies’ parking compounds have pasar malam on Thursdays. So every Thursday, I have to either repark my car or park my car in awkward places where I have to walk a mile to get to the parking meter with CL.

6. Both have their hands on CLEO Magazine somehow. CL’s products actually get featured in many of CLEO’s issues genuinely and we’re proud of that, alhamdulillah. As opposed to FL who asked me to design posters that mention the services her spa offers and slip in the copies of poster in the magazine with glue as though her spa is being featured in  CLEO as part of a grant application requirement.

7. Both have charity foundations.

8. They both go to similar exhibitions like Halal Fest, Hal Fest etc as they are both involved in halal industry.

9. Both prescribe like pharmacists when any of us gets ill.

Would you want to know the nuances too? 

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