First Blind Date with Baby Bettunia :)

Finally after two weeks of thinking, drafting, reviewing and almost puking after thinking some more but never publishing, terperap dengan post ni. So hear ye hear ye. A date to remember, 2nd March 2016, the day when Bettunia was born. Yup, uh huh. Exactly how it happened. (My Abe, you could’ve at least tried to hide the evidence a little better. Belon sembunyi belakang pokok2 tu macam malu2 kucing dengan kamera je) 9am: Another day of doctor’s appointment after a kazillion before. I almost exploded last week when then nurse invited me into a room for baby heart beat and contraction checking. The contraction went crazy as the wavelength of pain magnitude showing an exponential growth of stalactites and stalagmites pattern coming on more and more frequent. They thought I was ready to pop but there was no opening whatsoever. Today I went into the same exact room with similar result. The doctor and I both agreed that I didn’t need to check my opening because apparently according to the doctor, I seemed too just fine, happy and chilled. ‘Just fine’ as defined by the doctor was ‘macam masih boleh lompat2’. So off I bounced to the LRT station to send my lovely Abe to […]
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