Intensed Pretense


Well, today I learned something about myself. I like my writing to be personalised as opposed to generalised. Ideas flow when I speak based on my personal experience…but forcing myself to write about a topic I’m not familiar with nor avid about, is as good as copying and pasting someone else’s words. It’s all cliches and expected. So I better talk about things that are close to my heart. First rule of thumb of happiness, one must not lie about who they are or try to be someone else. Yes I’m talking about being a contributor of ZCOOP Malaysia, Zalora –

I enjoy writing but I just didn’t know why I was spending so much time squeezing words out of my brain for the first two articles. When I started to dread writing, that was when I knew something was wrong somewhere. I had to do something about it. I decided to change my ways.

So many modules of happiness and life fulfilment is about being yourself. Being Ateeqa Nasha. Hey, don’t take my words for it. Experience it yourself! You know how annoying it is to be imposed to something you hate or just not yourself. Sure challenges exist, but when it comes to your first and second nature, you must agree with me that you have preferences. And if you want to excel with flying colors on something you take no incentive for, you’d prefer the former than the latter. It’s closer to ikhlas and ihsan. Hee, sorry I have to say this. Anyway, I was cruising through with my third article. Wait for its publication…and you’ll know why 🙂 Peace out.

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