In Good Hands of Our Beloved Pioneer

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah for having me exactly where You want me to be. It’s not really my comfort zone place but I wouldn’t have it it otherwise. I plan, You plan. But You always win. I just bumped into a beautiful hadith that came in very timely.  “Tiga hal yang merupakan pusaka kebajikan: merahasiakan keluhan, merahasiakan musibah dan merahasiakan sedekah.” (HR. Thabrani)   “Sesungguhnya manusia diciptakan bersifat keluh kesah lagi kikir. Apabila ia ditimpa kesusahan, ia berkeluh kesah.” (Q.S. Al Ma’arij: 19) I went to FAM (Footbal Assoc. Malaysia) HQ just recently. We are collaborating with them on an event happening in a week called Girls’ Under 14 Football Carnival, FAM 2017. Alhamdulillah I’m super excited. They’re basically in search, going to nurture and train Malaysia’s next ‘Ramli’ star player, in this case we call her ‘Ramlah’. I met the HOD of Women’s Football Team, Pn Normala Rashid, an ex-Malaysian Woman Team Player back in the good old days when I bet I wasn’t even born yet. A petite and lean lady who doesn’t look like her age (a grandma with three cucus to be exact to help you paint a better picture). In that short moment of discussion regarding […]
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