Why writers write

I had a great time meeting committed bloggers today with various interesting backgrounds, maashallah 🙂 There are plenty of blogger’s communities out there, but hats off for this one. I will fill you in, why. Founded, organized and spearheaded by one person, this group of KBBA (Kelab Bloggers Ben Ashaari) has designed itself to be a happy place for many aspiring bloggers. The man who started off as a blogger and became an influencer pursued beyond the unexpected when he decided to gather bloggers all over Malaysia to utilise their weapon of mass creation;  ideas, words & blogs, in order to help companies grow their businesses. Noble indeed. From a one man show to a union of think alikes come together to share their common trait of openness through passion for writing. I got to meet five of them including The Mastermind. A quick run though of their background: Nina Mirza (Mirza means Anak Baik) 1. Former banker with 10 years experience in the industry. 5 children. A very supportive husband who self volunteered to be a vidoegrapher & editor for the full time blogging wife. Has a quite nosey neighbour who intends well in keeping up with her work. YB Shehan 2. Former […]
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