How to Get a Natural Nose Job

Bismillah “Hidung mancung!” the doctor said. When we did the 3d scan of the new baby, that was one similar thing that Bettunia’s doctor said about herself too. Ok alhamdulillah that’s Mama’s little daughter/son then. Abah can try his luck on the third baby who’s not going to happen anytime soon. Hehe. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning as I was checking for blackheads. Would it have been possible the fact that my highly esteemed and distinguished nose is like what it is today, according to my husband I have big/long nose (bukanlah mancung pun! it’s more like unproportionately panjang), was because arwah Wan used to pinch it? She used to do that on regular basis as if I paid her for sessions of nose lifting treatment. She said “Picit-picit hidung ni bagi mancung. Baru nampak elok”. It actually happened when I least expected it because of course, otherwise I would’ve run away and saved my life. It can hurt sometimes. Maybe that sometimes, she did it out of shear geram or punishment because I can be quite naughty at times. I was just a kid. Anyway, I can’t help but being a Malaysian Malay. If I was supposed to […]
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